Seeing “The Social Network”

I loathe seeing movies that in any way having a technical component for a reason explained by Penny Arcade so was avoiding “The Social Network” at all costs.  The combination of Aaron Sorkin and my social cadre’s interesting in seeing it drew me there anyway, so I took some notes:

  • Network Solutions charged $34.99 to register a domain in 2003.
  • A girl referenced “I hope it’s more cats that look like Hitler, I can’t get enough of those”. wasn’t created until 2006 while the period of time of the movie then was 2003/4.
  • Trent Reznor did the arrangement of “In the Hall of the Mountain King” used during the crew race.  Also, they used tilt-shift a bunch to get a ridiculously narrow depth of field at the race.
  • The color temperature of the lighting was heavy-handed.  The Mark Zuckerberg character was alternatively lit warmly and coolly depending on if he were friend or ruthless-web-exec.
  • The film had a “flame artist”, which I think was only used during the scene where a scarf is lit on fire.  The job also listed of “file wrangler” seemed much tougher to me.
  • During many of the scenes where it appears Mark is doing FB stuff, the address is shown as which is the localhost and probably wouldn’t be connected to anything.
  • There’s a scene where the Winklevosses both appear features a guy with an Arm & Hammer shirt, I giggled.  (The Winklevosses were played by Armand Hammer).

For the first 90 minutes Mark was my hero to the point where I wanted a halloween costume of him which was then reversed during the supposed Shaun Parker-induced backstabbing of Eduardo which, like the break-up of Mark and his girlfriend, is not an accurate representation of what happened.  The wit and speed of the dialog is vintage Sorkin but I largely agree with Lawrence Lessig that the writing missed the point.  Lessig does a wonderful job explaining the magic that I only noticed because I read his review first but may have colored my opinion.

Finally, the closing where Mark refreshes the page waiting for his former girlfriend’s response should have had “I Promise You” by When In Rome playing as it faded out.