Camporee: Day 2

I’ve been the Playwicki program chair for about 3 years and I’m slowly tiring of it.  It’s been a while since I had a genuine sense of satisfaction after an event rather than “it’s done”.  I mentioned this to a few people and the response seemed to have been “say thank you to Terry more”.

I was very happy to see that all the cardboard from the weekend fit into my car, and even if we didn’t find the right dumpster it was at least deposited at a “Sunoco on Street Road” which was our only direction.  The field was cleared and the kids were gone by 11:00 AM and I felt very tired.  Not a “nap will fix me” tired but a long brooding fatigue that comes from the weight of something providing support, in the way a marble column may tumble if the roof above is moved.  I had a template for what to do next time, but I’d rather not be the one to implement it.

And this too shall pass.