Finding the New York Skyline

On Monday, a coworker recommended I visit Edge River, New Jersey and take pictures of the New York skyline so I contacted Teejay Green and Sam Lodise and we left around 6:30 PM to capture the skyline.  This was our trip:

Le Trek

Or first stop was at KFC where we went through the timeless bonding ritual of eating a doubledown and then having to stop an hour later to use the bathroom.  We hit Hackensack and started going south until we hit a nice spot in Union City with both a Ben and Jerry’s and a Starbucks and a health peppering of well-dressed people with tiny dogs.

We took pictures and these were my best:

20101119-5075-NewYorksNonSkylineAnd2more [flickr album=72157625435366966 num=5 size=Thumbnail]

We drove a bit further south, and then into Brooklyn, and then through Manhattan, and then home.  Some time past Jersey City Teejay started googling New York City Skyline and we found that every shot of the skyline is pretty well taken from the same inaccessible spot below the Manhattan Bridge.  Having driven by that spot, and seeing that it’s surrounded by construction, we agreed that we either needed to rent a helicopter, or gain the ability to scale chain link fences.  The former is far more likely.