Finding Leaks the Ol’ Fashion Way

The week ahead of me consists largely of finding leaks in the world’s most accurate fart generator/detector and I had already tightened almost every fitting I could find.  After two hours of hunting and twisting I was still getting a pressure drop due to a leak somewhere so I asked around for advice.

Coworker: Troublebubble [a soap solution that helps find leaks] would be my only guess.
Me: I’m trying to avoid that as the valves are immediately above an exposed circuit board.
Coworker: Dammit, in the olden days, you’d have used your cigarette which can find a 2 cc/min leak no problem.  Damn you, health and safety!
Me: But the carrier gas I have is 20% methane.   A cigarette would turn the machine into a tiny flame thrower.
Coworker: But at least you’d know where the god damn leak was.

Yes, everywhere once the device explodes.