Non-Standard Application

After finding that there seem to be no FLOSS or free-as-in-beer Windows Movie editing suites besides Windows Movie Maker after a quick Google search, I decided to contact the help desk to ask what would be required to add it.

Helpdesk: I’m sorry, Windows Movie Maker is a non-standard application.
Me: How?
Helpdesk: The approved editing application is Windows Media Player.
Me:  That’s a player.  Windows Movie Maker is the editor.
Helpdesk:  It’s non-standard.
Me: I repeat, how?  The name is Windows Movie Maker, it comes with Windows, it is considered actual reasonable functional software, and again, has the word Windows in its name.  It’s provided by Microsoft.
Helpdesk:  The application is not designed as approved video editing software.

I eventually found a free solution but the generation time led to a curious calculus: Time to make video including set-up, data transfer, and cleaning my camera – 30 minutes.  Time to edit together two pieces – 7 hours and 30 minutes.