Leaving the Fold – Scouting

Today I started picking up the phone to call Scout people to indicate that after the Playwicki Klondike Derby, I would no longer be able to execute the duties of District Activities Chair.  I dialed the first number with some trepidation but was relieved by the responses.

Bob Ansel, District Commissioner: We’ll identify some people who may be able to step up.  Otherwise, how can I help your venture?
Rob Scafidi, District Executive: That sounds like a great opportunity.
Rowland Smith, District Chair: I wish you the best.
Mike Dash, Roundtable Chair: Sounds neat.

All said without a whiff of reservation or concern as to how my departure may inconvenience them.  Scouting tries to teach helpfulness, friendliness, courtesy, and kindness; teaching that appears to be much easier when the qualities already exist in the person teaching.  Thank you, Playwicki District.