Magical Shrinking Forums

I got a text message at 10 AM on Monday that my team’s website was down which I chalked up to DB difficulties after a few hours and frantic emails I found out that our site had been compromised and that I was allowed to start crying.  After a few days of hacks, and communicating with a programmer who’s helping us with our site migration, I got an email today at 11:30 AM that all was going well and did a fist pump in the middle of lunch to indicate my approval.

I returned home only to find out at about 5:00 PM the site had reverted to its status as of 12/2/2010.  I wasn’t sure what was up so I waited and by 8:30 Pm, the site had reverted to its state as of 10/2/2010 and these changes were being wrought by an IP address in Belarus.   Not knowing the source of this march of devolution I contacted the conversion plugin programmer with a furious “WTFOMGBBQ” and received the response back of “led programmer is gone till monday.  We sorry :(“.  So I set to start manually moving forum categories one a time and after a mere 10 hours, I had 110k of our 125k posts moved.

I’ll be damned if my team goes without a web page for a week.  Happy New Years.