Standard of Help

I posted on Facebook that I had some spare cables and someone told me he wanted a few.  I asked what, he said “standard ones” and I ran with that.  I added a USB cable, 2 power cables, a SATA cable, and a few other things but wanting to get rid of more, I started applying specious logic.  So, he has a TB of storage, but what if he actually has 8 128 gig PATA drives?  He’ll need at least 9 cables (one always breaks).  To power all those drives, he may run a dual power supply, and you don’t want those to break down, so 4 more power cables.  He’s probably backing up those drives to external storage so he needs at least 4 USB cables.  Just in case one of the drives fail, I included another hard drive, some mounting screws, a drive cage, a gigabit ethernet card (to use as a shim to hold the drive in) and some optical cables.  Who doesn’t like playing with fiber optic cables?