Finding My House

My iMac was supposed to arrive today but as the clock ticked past 8:30 I assumed I’d not see it that day.  I received a text message from FedEx saying “Incorrect Address” so I called FedEx.

Me: A package is listed as incorrect address.  I’ve never had an issue with the address before.
FedEx: The address has moved.  Please provide your phone number and we should be able to re-deliver it tomorrow.
Me: How does an address move?  I can give you the latitude and longitude if you prefer, that should avoid the tectonic shifts that have rendered my package apparently undeliverable.
FedEx: No need to, sir.  We’ve figured out where your address has moved to and your package should be there tomorrow.
Me: Again, how does an address move?  Does this entitle me to a new house, am I now trespassing, please tell me.
FedEx: Your package should be delivered tomorrow, if the driver encounters difficulties, he will call you.
Me: Ok.  Tell him to tell my other house I said hello.