Signs of Leadership

There was an executive selection meeting this evening to find out what the volunteers wanted in a new Scout executive.  We went through the normal list and trust kept coming up resulting in a bewildered headshake from the national office rep that was running the meeting.  Someone raised their hand and stated “the executive should stay through meetings they’re attending.  Same thing with ceremonies.”  This solicited a “of course they do” from the national rep that had to be explained later:

Temp Exec: I don’t think you understand.  At the lodge banquet there was a pool to see when the previous guy would leave.
National Rep:  That’s terrible.  I heard there were problems but this is unacceptable.  You never leave the Blue and Gold banquet before the magician performs.

Editor’s Note:  To non-Scouts, Blue and Gold banquets are annual pack events featuring a large meal with all the Cubs’ families, often a distinguished guest, recognition of the kids’ advancement and finally a closing entertainment act.  This entertainment often occurs 2 hours into a 2.5 hour evening.