Klondike Derby – Again

I loaded into my car the last few items that I had to and noticed how slippery the driveway was and I got to a slow start out of my house.  This should have been the first indication that roads were slippery but the less subtle reminders were when I hit the curb opposite my house getting out of my driveway as I didn’t have enough grip to pull off the turn plus the fact that I quite simply couldn’t go north on Bristol Rd due to ice.  I drove at a speed best described as “tooling” and received a few calls noting the road conditions to which I noted “drive carefully and take your time”.

I hit the snow pile in Tyler State Park at a reasonable speed but only because I slowed down when I saw the other cars that were to the side of the road.   This gave me enough traction to prevent my car from doing a 180° as others had coming down the main hill into the boat launch area and allowed me to provide the slight navigational nudges to prevent my car from hitting the bridge 200′ out that I’d have no way of stopping before.  I received a call from Bob Ansel that a unit would be delayed in coming as their cars had been in low-speed collisions.  I agreed with him when he said postponement was best and I set about calling units to inform them of the change.  I called a unit leader 2/3rds of the way through my list, told him it was canceled and heard someone yell “we know” from the car next to me.