Assessing Damage

I visited one of the units for which I commission and had an exchange with the Scoutmaster:

Scoutmaster: I hear you’re leaving Scouting.
Me: For a bit.
Scoutmaster: But you’re staying on as Roundtable Commissioner?
Me: No.  It takes 5-10 hours to prep for a good roundtable.
Scoutmaster: How about as Unit Commissioner?
Me:  I don’t think so.  The task doesn’t take too much time but I’d like my split to be clean.
Scoutmaster: Who’ll update the web page?
Me: … probably me.
Scoutmaster:  Good.   We just have to re-assign the District Camporee as a responsibility of the webmaster and everything…
Me:  I would firebomb the data center.
Scoutmaster: Ok, enjoy your time away from Scouting.
Me: I hope to.