Baking Arms Race

Making cookies follows a repeating cycle once the batter is made.  For peanut butter cookies, after each tray does 7 minutes 30 seconds on each of rack A and C in the oven, they’re left out to cool for 9 minutes before being transferred to a cooling rack where upon the baking sheets are repopulated with dough and put in the oven.  I ordered a second set of baking sheets and silicone mats thinking this would reduce my total baking time, instead I chose to double the batch.  The double batch doesn’t quite fit in my stand mixer so I’m getting a 6 qt mixer which appears like it won’t quite fit in my appliance rack.  A larger rack would require me to either move it find a new home for my crockpot.

It all starts small; this is why the national debt is topping $14 thousand thousand million.