The Nose Knows

Hydrogen sulfide is a common challenge gas to see how well something will resist or absorb odors and the device that does such hasn’t been working as it should so I’ve been troubleshooting it for the past two weeks.  The innards of the device has around 200 connections and my current method of passing nitrogen through the fitting and using a leak detection solution has proven both tedious and soapy.  Today I tried passing H2S through the fittings and seeing if I could smell it.

Me: I haven’t found any leaks yet.
Boss: Well, if you don’t find any after going through switch back to the leak solution.
*20 minutes later*
Coworker #1: Ghaaa…
Coworker #2: It smells like an out house is on fire.
Boss: What happened?
Me: I found a leak.

This looks like a leak detection method I can only use once a day.  I’m glad it worked.