Finishing Woodbadge

I set aside today to finish my woodbadge ticket as it is due tomorrow right before midnight.  My ticket items revolved around the merit badge program in Scouting and improving Scouts’ access to these tools.  You can see my efforts at or, the second I’ll probably let go of in a year.  Some notes:

  • I needed to kill space on the merit badge instructor information flyer so I added a QR code that leads to the council web page.  I think it looks keen and makes us look modern.  All the links are also links so I can see if they’re are used.  So far: 0.
  • Putting together the video references for First Aid took a stupid amount of time, for instance, I found an awesome video on dealing with strokes that breaks out into a 3 minute ad in the middle.  Kids probably won’t like that.  Other videos presumed the viewer was a doctor, was in an ER, or was a naturopath.  I probably should have just recorded some from scratch.
  • For the last CIT World requirement, I couldn’t remember that that an Ambassador lives at an embassy, which is odd as I remembered the word earlier but in that it was a long requirement and I didn’t want to re-record it, I refer to it as “the ambassador’s place”, good job, Terry.
  • My ticket was approved with 10 hours to spare.  I finished Eagle with 45 minutes to spare.  I’m growing!