Pocket Asymetry

I’ve gone from being a very dumpy 22″ neck to a more fitting than snug 20″.  Should I make it to a 18″ neck, the world will be my oyster, but until then, I’ll accept the garb of the cross-over brands that mark JC Penny’s Big and Tall section or alternatively the small mens section at the Casual Male Big & Tall having Amazon-sampled a selection of shirts from each to find my new stock blue pocketed oxford.  The first change I’m making is opting for a long-sleeve shirt as after asking a cross-section of people with greater fashion acumen than myself, each agreed that the rolled up sleeve was an acceptable style for daily wear which also provides for the unrolled up option when a bare forearm would be unacceptable.  The second change is the transformation of the breast pocket from man purse containing my phone, fitbit, 3 pens, and a notepad, to just a place for my phone as the breast pocket seems to digitally sized to either accommodate all of my items or just my phone.

While I can understand that the size of pant pockets change with the size of the pants as the user’s hands will be scaled appropriately, I don’t understand why breast pockets wouldn’t be standardized as they are on suit jackets.  I never rest my fist in my breast pocket, nor does it normally contain contents that’d scale with its wearer like socks or a pair of leather driving gloves.  With a set of rare-earth magnets and some stolen nametags, I think I could create a pocket extender that’d allow any shirt to have the size pocket I want.  To the USPTO.