Umbrella Rebellion

My work umbrella was recently taken and not returned, and today it was again raining so I steeled myself for more work inconsideration as I folded my new umbrella and prepared to place it in the umbrella rack.  Again, the rack was a field of courtesy umbrellas into which mine would disappear, possibly for ever.  I glanced at the secretary who wouldn’t notice, the man in the lobby who wouldn’t care, and the gaggle of laughing employee’s who would become impromptu thieves were I to leave my new 44″ gustbuster with a rubber grip umbrella, nay, rain shield with the rabble of other folding rain domes.  There, I decided that I would not let myself be a victim and walked back to my car, folded up my umbrella and walked back in the rain with a dedication unknown to my normal walks into the building.

I felt good in my dampness until I realized 3 things:
1) I could have stored my umbrella in my cube.
2) I could have brought a courtesy umbrella with me to my car so I wouldn’t have to walk in the rain.
3) I could have filled the walk in the rain in slow motion with a brooding guitar line playing in the background to highlight my new status as a weather protection iconoclast.