Yogurt Lady

The refrigerator at work currently contains 14 containers of yogurt which I thought was so 14 people could have 14 snacks generating 14 smiles, but today, a chronic yogurt bringer was browsing through the canisters:

Me: It’s tough to figure out which one is yours with so many, no?
Coworker: Nah, they’re all mine, I’m just not sure what flavor I want.
Me: All yours?
Coworker: Well, all the Dannon ones, the Yo-Plait ones are some other woman’s.

This means, of the 14 yogurt containers in the fridge, 12 are from 2 people meaning a total of 4 people  at work consume yogurt in my area.  I felt bad putting in 2 cans of soda, but now I think this is just the start.  I’m going to clean out the bottom row, bring in a 24-pack of Pepsi Max to put there, and slap a sticky note on there that just says “Your move, Marketing Lady.”