Back Home

The drive back from Chicago across Indiana and Ohio is the cherry on top of a nice weekend of seeing Peter, Audrey, and Banks.  The flatness of these states allows for a golden hour where the world goes from being dipped in honey to on fire and back and I have no compunction about staring out the window at the setting sun.  John and Suzie are of a fundamentally different driving stock as myself and are blessedly capable of falling asleep in the back of the car, reminding me of my promise to Suzie to try and get a shot of them being a couple.  They fell asleep holding hands with their heads on each others’ shoulders and I pondered taking a flash shot after the sun went down.  I wasn’t sure if the pre-flash or the flash would cause the probably glare of terror but decided against a picture when I realized the internal reflectivity of the car would probably have me seeing orbs which can be somewhat dangerous at the speed I was traveling.

We dropped off Suzie and I took a nap after John began driving.  I woke up later after my car-dar went off, not because John was being either reckless or going too fast but the opposite.  Maybe my sympathetic nervous system could detect the vehicle velocity being below 70 MPH or the lack of sharp turns, but I asked to switch back so I could tear across the Allegheny Mountains.  I tend to speed a bit more on holy days of obligation.