Brother’s Birthday

My brother turns 30 in a few days and he’s not 30 yet in my mind having “just” landed a reasonable job (really 3 years) and “just” getting married (really 5 years) of which neither matters as the calendar is unapologetic in keeping track of time.  I talked to him a few times over the evening, mostly about photography, as he and I have little to talk about besides our parents and sometimes computers.  I brought up something that’d popped up recently:

Me: A friend asked me to be the photographer at his wedding.  What do you think I should charge?
Him: Run.  Get as far from that shit as you can and then keep running.  Unless he’s blind, say no.
Me: Why?  He seems to like my pictures and his standards will probably be forgiving.
Him: If my best friend was the photographer at my wedding and screwed them up, I would remove his balls with my bare hands.  I have been in 1 fight in my life and while i like guns I’m not violent.  But the man who fucks up my wedding photos should use the money I paid him to buy a life insurance policy because he would be a dead man.
Me: Maybe I’ll decline and just offer to do some portraits.
Him: Now you’re thinking.

Maybe my brother’s wiser than I thought.