List Shaving

In 2009 or so, I started a list of all the reasons I didn’t want to be fat anymore.  An accounting of minor nuisances that I wrote that eventually numbered slightly over a hundred and this wasn’t for want of more, but for want of more index cards (this is the time before the coming of the small black book when I still recorded things on my hipster PDA).  Now, I’ve made a habit of every two months reviewing and striking off items from the list.  Some came off early like “having to undo my seat belt to open my gas hatch” and others will take a good while still like”doing a half marathon”.

I did my bi-monthly review and shaved off a few, nothing major, but my way of marking progress besides the enigmatic readings of my bathroom scale that transmit a number but with no visceral aspect to it.  There were the ones I removed:

  • Feel comfortable wearing a white t-shirt
  • Fit into a pair of size 46 pants
  • Fit into a size 20 shirt
  • Not seeing arm fat wobble while brushing my teeth

Small, but progress.  There was also one I was thinking of striking through that was “not having a waiter go ‘so what will we be having for dessert’ at restaurants” but that may be removed on the simple fact that some servers do this to everyone, although the “will we be having dessert” is probably more common.  Maybe I should keep tally.