Light Memorial

The length of my commute has increased by about 5 minutes over the years.  Stop signs, traffic lights, and other control devices have slowly lengthened it.  The most recent addition was a traffic light near a farm.  There are no visibility problems; the area is flat and the nearby trees are well trimmed.  I don’t know why it was added, but regardless, it’s there.  So far, I’ve not actually been stopped by the light yet so I’ve not complained, although it’s been close.  I’m fine as long as it stays that way.

Today, the light was red as I approached it at 4 AM.  There were no other headlights, no signs of cars, no joggers, and no cyclists near the intersection as I blew through it.  There were no lights as I checked my rear-view mirrors.  The lengths I go to preserve tradition.  Also, that’s a tradition I probably shouldn’t try to keep.