Cleaning Up After Surgery

My Roomba started doing what I will the “I DON’T GET IT!” dance whereby once turned on, it would rapidly nudge forward and backward while spinning and then shut itself down.  I assumed there was something wrapped around the wheels so I took apart the casings and found nothing.  Then, I de-haired every area I could get access to with still no success.  Finally, I googled the Roomba dance and found that it’s quite common and comes from the cliff detection beams, the system the Roomba uses to prevent itself from running off things, being dirty.  Dog hair was preventing the IR beam from being either sent or received and the Roomba was interpreting this as being surrounded by cliffs as if being stuck at the top of a phone pole.  I cleaned out these recesses and the Roomba emitted its tiny victory chime.  Looking around, the space around my chair was a disaster of dog hair, cat hair, dust, and carpet pieces that I had no interest in vacuuming so, I set the Roomba the task of cleaning up after itself which it did so cheerfully.  I wonder if this is the robotic equivalent of having to clean up the OR after one has surgery.