Enlisting the Sister-in-Law

My day was dedicated to cleaning out the rec room of our house which hadn’t received a really thorough cleaning in at least five years and hadn’t had the carpets cleaned in over a decade.  Armed with the Bissell CarpetViolator 2000, this room would know fear.  I thought my plans were ruined when I got a call from my brother to pick up his wife from a local brewfest and bring her home, but this turned into an unexpected opportunity.

BRA HA HA HA.  Under the logic that she was my brother’s wife thus everything he owned was hers too, I felt no compunction about using her permission to throw out things my brother hadn’t gotten around to moving out.

Me: Think he wants slightly mess up Clapton tapes?
Her: Nah, he listens to bad music now.
Me: Does that mean we keep the Kris Kross tape?
Her: I think it’s just better we throw out everything that has mouse poop on it.

And knowing my house, with one pen stroke I got all the permission I needed to help my brother finally move out.