Keyboard Intervention

The mechanical keyboard I use on iMac has made typing a joy.  While not normally one to require constant feedback, each key press comes with the noise of the letter struck saying “bring it, fatty!”  Work is the other place where I do a lot of typing so the second mechanical keyboard I purchased went there.  When I brought it in, I told my coworkers, “this keyboard is loud.  If you find it annoying, please tell me and I’ll use something else”.  My coworkers would then look at me and go “how loud could it possibly be?” and soon learned.  I couldn’t use the keyboard when people were on conference calls but no one complained, until today:

Boss: Terry, do you have a second?
Me: Sure.
Boss: I’ve been, uh, approached, uh by some other people in your area.
Me: Yes?
Boss: And there’s a problem.  Your keyboard is too loud.
Me: But I told everyone to tell me if they had a problem with it.
Boss: I understand, but everyone knows how much you like your loud clicky keyboard and we didn’t want to hurt your feelings so I was elected to talk to you.
Me: Oh, ok.
Boss:  You can still use it when the office is empty or when it’s just me, I kind of like it.  Makes me feel like I’m a newsroom in the 80s.

So now I’m back to a membrane keyboard with its crappy response time, lack of tactile feedback, and painted-on key labels.  I don’t think my coworkers were annoyed, they were just jelly.