Texas Loop – Austin

I rose at the crack of noon to learn that my car had been booted then debooted as taken care of by Dallas.  Lunch was in the food court of a nearby business building and we were shortly thereafter on our way to visit Texas Instruments Boulevard (TI Blvd, get it?) except for the part where I completely forgot that was our intermediate destination and Dallas had to swerve across 32 lanes of traffic to reclaim his position as lead of our caravan.  In penance, I opened my door and yelled “DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERP!” at every stop sign and traffic light much to the confusion of other drivers.

We arrived at a parking lot near the sign and on our walk out I saw this billboard:

Minute Drowning

The billboard is missing the bottom line of "So what's your excuse?"

After Suzie was attacked by ants, Operation: Place A Sticker commenced.

Group Shot

Over-excited Group Shot

Ride an SA

Let no one say I don't support my team.

Gratuitious HDR Sign

Gratuitious HDR Sign

Documenting vandalism is probably a subpar choice, but we stand by our work.

The ride to Austin was hot and trafficky when we were outside the city limits.  Entering the college town area brought back memories of every college town I never wanted to visit again but we met with Dylan, our next host, without incident.

Soft Dylan

Dylan and John's Neck

After attacking Dylan’s bowl of seasoned pecans, I asked, no demanded, we go for a walk around the University of Texas at Austin.  It was a typical college town full of sometimes attractive underdressed people in front of stores professing allegiance to things.  Dylan pointed out a notable graffito, and one of the better group shots was had.

Needed Site

Apparently, when this is graffitied over, this graffito is re-graffitied over the other graffito.

We walked another four miles in total and got to see fountains with horsemen shooting from them, a bell tower with bored people in front of it, and two spheres covered in pennies that I think symbolize…. sphere’s covered in pennies.


Bitches love sepia

Back at Dylan’s, we gazed longingly at his pool but ran out of time as another person we knew had driven to the area.

Ashley and Suzie

Ashley and Suzie

I ate more seasoned pecans and we went to see Super 8 at the Alamo Drafthouse.  The schtick of the Alamo Drafthouse is that they are a movie theater that emphasizes the movie and boots out people who talk.  In addition, they have a reasonable menu and server food before and during the movie while one is seated.  Brian Brushwood recommended I have the Raging Bull pizza, but portioning won out and I stuck with a diminutive hamburger.  Their menu included a Philadelphia-style cheesesteak which was impressive for using an actual Amoroso roll.  The sandwich also included my favorite non-cut of meat, “shaved beef” as “ragged slices of idunno” would be more accurate but less appetizing.

My review of Super 8: Meh but funny and the lead kid was adorable.

After, we returned to Dylan’s, didn’t use the pool, I ate more seasoned pecans, and duckfaces came out.


Mike's Attempt


Dylan with Glasses

The master. Yeah, I know, there's no actual duckface in that shot. Use your imagination.

That night was spent on a folding chair that flattened to a bed.