Brownie Consolation

I chose brownies as my baked good of the week for my return to active employment and sent out my standard 15 recipient email to say they were in.  Later that day, there was still some brownie remaining when I saw a coworker return to his work station with a Doritos grab bag.

Me: Didn’t like the brownies?
Coworker: They’re great, but I didn’t want something as calorie dense.
Me: I think a home-made brownie will stack up well against that chip bag.  *look at nutrition information* I think this bag of chips has as many calories in it as a 2″ x 2″ piece of brownie.
Coworker: Oh, I didn’t know they were that close.  Hey <other coworker>, did you hear what Terry said?  They’re not that bad for you.
Coworker #2 Whose Mouth was Full of Brownie: That’s a plus.