Cleaning Visit

Sleep did not come easily or lightly and I went to work around 3 AM returning home a bit before noon.  At home, my house was being purified by the sacred attendants of Merry Maids who were tearing a sanitizing swath through the second floor.  They were at their task, and my office was designed off limits, so I did what any reasonable person would do and distracted them with a missed spot in the master bath, grabbed my pillow from my room and slept on the floor of my office.  This would have gone smoothly but max was fascinated by having someone to sleep with on the floor, so excited in fact that he refused to lie down and kept walking in and out of my room, requiring me to open the door each time.  I think the housecleaning team became alert to what I was doing as each door open was met by a slightly more disheveled me with a few more carpet  marks on my face.

At the end, I had to cut a check and the service people left.  I shambled towards my bed, pillow under arm, but had trouble sleeping.  The smell of clean was keeping me up.  It smells nice.