Cat Addition

Housemate: Terry, I have an amazing idea.
Me: Have you been drinking?
Housemate: Maybe I have, maybe I have a lot, but hear me out.
Me: Ok.
Housemate: I think we should get your dad another cat.  Sneakers may not be around forever.
Me: So, what’s your idea?
Housemate: I’ll go to the animal shelter, find the cutest kitten I can that still has its claws and take it back to my girlfriend’s house.  We’ll play with it until it’s good and tired, bring it over here, put it on your dad’s lap.  It’ll fall asleep and your father will have no choice but to keep it after being hit by adorable.
Me: What if the cat doesn’t fall asleep?
Housemate: No choice.
Me: What if Sneakers doesn’t like the other cat?
Housemate: No choice.
Me: What if it’s a short-hair breed, I think I’m allergic to those?
Housemate: *whispers* No choice.