TI: Philly Sunday

Those who chose to rested well did and I reaped the benefits of my simple dictum of “I get my own bed”.  My walk to the lobby was midway between a stroll and a lumber and I smiled slightly at no one having died.  The taste of in my mouth was not victory, just non-defeat and I was fine with that.

Almost Everyone

My  evening involved going to New York City with Suzie and Mike, but for now, Cody and Ashley wanted to eat and Cody was happy to find a Cici’s Pizza (somewhat) nearby so he could continue his 40 day streak of eating there.  We drove to New Jersey, went to Cici’s and had crappy pizza and for the first time felt old.  The group member’s ages went 18, 19, 20, and then me at 27 and I felt everyone else was communicating in secret nods to avoid me catching wise to them.

Ending Notes:

  • The medallions I had made for this meet-up had an adhesive back.  Several people immediately stuck them to laptops. I hope they don’t cut themselves.
  • Hot weather sucks.
  • Liquor stores seem to stock lime but not lemon juice.
  • “I get my own bed” is a good policy.
  • Cinci was the meet-up, Philly was the re-union.