Receiving A Large Printer

My 115 lb printer was scheduled to be delivered sometime before 7 PM and as that hour approached my heart dropped thinking that I had taken a day off from work in vain.  I contacted the shipping firm who said they’d just be late and I nearly heal-clicked when the printer delivery fairy called me to ask for directions.  The printer delivery fairy in this case was large Hispanic name who told me to call him Chico.  When he got to my place, mine was the only item on his truck and I asked if mine was the only delivery.  He indicated that this was the fifth of the day and he was glad I helped him get the box out of his truck and into my house.  I picture him being like a ice cream truck but for massive printers as people run to his truck drawn by the sound of the Espon 4900 going through its self-test cycle.  You could identify where the truck had been by the sound of people shouting in glee that is somewhat muffled by the massive box.

The printer is big.  Here is me hiding behind it:

From 2011-08-18 Giant Printer

I look forward to actually printing something on it.