Tech Support Stunner

I wanted to do a printer test but found that the printer wasn’t properly registering the light light grey cartridge which seemed odd as the printer was about as new as possible.  I checked the technical documentation, ran through the Nintendo fix of remove, blow on the contacts, and replace and decided to call Epson.  Their technical support line is open from 8 AM to midnight six days a week which seemed exceptional and so I called around 11 PM.

Me: *Dial number, rings three times*
Other end: Epson Professional Technical Support, this is Matt how may I help you?
Me: *silence*
Other end: Hello?
Me: Yes, hi.  I was surprised a… person answered.
Other end: Yeah, we answer the phones ourselves except for periods of very high call volume.
Me: Ok, I’m having a problem with my Epson 4900. A cartridge isn’t being recognized.
Other end: I remember working on developing that printer.  Isn’t she a beaut?

He then walked me through the fix.  So, the phone was answered quickly, by a person, who spoke English, who worked on developing the product.  Assuming that policy doesn’t change and the printer neither stabs me nor burns my house down, I think my next printer will also be an Epson.