Day Before Florida

I had six items on my To Do Before Florida and realizing I’d only be able to finish two, I opted for the important one: drag Mike and Suzie to the Churchville Nature Center and photograph the shit out of them.  Why there now?  Because everything looks good over the Churchville Reservoir during the golden hour.

Friends w/Framing
If they were both 40 to 50 years older, this could have been used in a Cialis commercial.

Mike Sad
Mike’s frown doesn’t look like a frown so much as an upside down smile, a la a Kiddy City commercial from the very early 90s.

Eye as Mirror
I’m a sucker for “eye as mirror” shot. Although in every one that contains me I look like a stalker, the 200mm lens here didn’t help.

Finally, humility:
Gratuitious Sunset HDR
This photo simply sucks. It lacks composition, balance, proper tonemapping technique and is an abuse of the tools humanity has crafted to make good pictures great.

We returned to my house after dinner and the evening wound down. Mike got to bed early (unusual for Mike), I largely skipped sleep (unusual for me), as did Suzie (in no way unusual for Suzie).