A Long Way Home

We woke at around 10, I with the intent of going to Miami, Chris, Suzie, and Mike with the simple imperative of “home”.  Miami would require a 28-hour day so with man-tears I contacted Mitch and Alex to say that this wasn’t a good time for a reunion and we headed north.  I started driving and near the top of Georgia, lost focus on the road for a moment only to have it return with a stopped but growing in my vision.  I hit the brakes, hard and swerved into the right lane when I found my brakes weren’t properly engaging and fishtailed into the grassed area next to an off ramp.  Somewhere in there, my engine had cut out and I was relieved when the car started properly.

No one died, so I bought some peach rings while getting gas (hey, we were on an off ramp) and again, north.

Chris departed at Greensboro, NC and Mike, Suzie, and I again went north.  I was having trouble sleeping so started to listen to Solaris on audiobook.  It. Was. Amazing.  My love of some parts proved quite audible and were dubbed “bookgasms”.  If you have an audible account, get it.  I finished it as the sun rose over Philadelphia.

Good trip.