Seeing Whit

Whit Leyenberger is not just a friend of mine and was not just part of a cohort of friends that has incriminating evidence about me, but someone with whom I hope to find a kind of timeless friendship.  Whenever we catch up, there’s no “why didn’t you call” or “so how’s your family” but a near seamless resumption of whatever narrative we had last worked usually beginning with “remember the time we”.  It had been a solid two years since I saw him and I was curious to see what the intervening time had done.  I was used to the 9 month gap between summer camp seasons, but now, more than one year had changed.  We met somewhere near 14th street and I was glad to see his shining face again:

From 2011-09-09 to 10 People Shots

We had paninis for breakfast and talked a lot.  In there, I learned that he had a girlfriend of three years, worked at an Applebee’s in Harlem where he was the 0.75% of the staff that was white, had a brief bout as an honest to goodness starving artist, and that I could could crash on his floor in the future which very much pleased me.  We parted ways, returned, to the apartment we had rented, and made our egress from NYC.

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