Rapt Attention

I was asked to deploy a new software patch at work that involves me inserting a thumb drive and running a single large EXE file.  The hard part was arranging time for people to be at their desk and double click on said file.  Normally, I arrange to visit during lunch breaks but the last install I had to do occurred at about 4 PM.

Me: Do you mind if I do a quick update of your CAD stuff?
Coworker: How long will it take?
Me: A minute or two.
Coworker: Sure.  Sit down.

At this point, he literally pulled out a box of cereal from his desk and started eating it while watching me at the computer.

Me: You can go get coffee now or something.  I can do the rest myself.
Coworker: I’d rather watch.
Me: Ok.  *double clicks on file.  Runs update in about 30 seconds*
Coworker: That’s it?
Me: Yeah.
Coworker: Damn. *puts away box of cereal.*

Apparently tech support is a spectator sport.