Repair Standoff

I went to pick up my repaired iMac:

Attendant: Ok, sir.  Your computer is done, I just need you to sign here.
Me: *receives paperwork, begins reading*
Attendant: May I help you?
Me: Just reading.  *reads*  I’m not signing this.
Attendant: Why, sir?
Me: The last line says “by signing here you are stating that all repairs have been satisfactorily completed”.  I don’t have the computer yet, so I have no idea.
Attendant: I can’t give you the computer until you sign.
Me: And I can’t sign until you give me the computer.  It appears we’re at an impass.  So, what do we do?
Attendant: *pause* My boss will be back within the hour.  You can wait until then.
Me: *raises eyebrow*
Attendant: *begins visibly sweating* Uh, we can plug it in.
Me: And…
Attendant: In the store, then you can see that it picks up wifi and the repair will be done!
Me: Sure.
Attendant: *plugs in computer, boots* See, “NETGEAR”.  It works.
Me: Wonderful.

I read the fine print not to protect myself but because it often provides the chance for an adventure.