Return to Sam’s

My  mother and I visited Sam’s Club every other week for years when I was a child, a magical place combining free samples, large televisions, and a giant bin of cardboard boxes.   Then Sam’s Club dropped from our family purchasing habits and my dad maintained a membership strictly to purchase 10 gallons of hydraulic oil every now and then.  I borrowed his card and ventured to Sam’s this time to prepare for a party.  The proportions had not changed as 15 lbs was the smallest size I could find of chicken breasts but the electronics department had.  Sam’s now had DSLRs which I presume are available as a six pack for 5% less.  I escaped with about 60 lbs of food plus paper products of which most will probably not be consumed this weekend.  Should my guests consume all 5 lbs of cocktail peanuts, 6 lbs of apples, and 8 lbs of cheese, I will be proud.  Otherwise, I should have left overs that extend clear to the next ice age.