Impounded Truffles

I have a relative dealing with some health issues and I’ve taken to sending them a periodic baked goods care package which in this case consisted of cookies, truffles, and cracker jacks.  I brought the extras into work and when I did a check-up on them saw that all the raspberry truffles were gone.  I asked my boss what happened to them:

Me: Do you know what happened to the truffles?
Boss:  Yes, I didn’t want the staff exposed to them, so I have them now for safe keeping.
Me: So you took them all?
Boss: No, I didn’t take them.  I impounded them.
Me: Impounded them?
Boss: Yes, I want them to be inspected by a raspberry expert before I let anyone else have them.
Me: You know one?
Boss: My wife.

Ah, executive privilege.