Downside of Vacuum Sealing

Yesterday’s victory was quickly followed by a return to earth when I tried to vacuum seal two things, both of which failed:

1) Potato chips – Vacuum sealing is not an effective way to re-use a potato chip bag.  Now if your goal is to create chip dust, you win.  Or, using vacuum rigidity, you can turn a potato chip bag into an very light hammer:

2) I made and vacuum-sealed a toffee peanut butter cracker jack which did not seal as well.  The toffee and peanut butter chip bits undercut the integrity of the cracker jack and the mixture simply crumbled under vacuum force.  I gave this failure to a Scout group who very much enjoyed it:

Me: How did you like the toffee cracker jacks?
Scout Leader: The kids devoured it.
Me: It came out like gravel.
Scout Leader: But the tastiest gravel the kids ever had.