Late Night Shopping Club

My local Giant supermarket was once a Genuardi, a store I miss for both its fresh produce and mob ties.  On the way back from Doylestown, I stopped at the next closest Genuardi’s to me and ran into the cashier I used to often see at the Feasterville branch.

Cashier: Mr. Robinson, it’s been ages.
Me: Hi, *looks at name tag* Kathy.
Cashier:  You look great.  Hey, Flo, this is a guy that I used to know from Feasterville.
Elderly 2nd Cashier: How did yo know each other?  Did he work there?
Cashier: No, he was a member of the late night shopping club, always came in near close.
Me: Yeah, you got to have the store to yourself.
Cashier: I miss those days.
Elderly 2nd Cashier: Late night shopping club, Kathy you tramp.  Sounds fun, shopping in the dark *smirks*.  Maybe I could join *winks at me*, you know if you wanted to start it up again.

I have on my list of 141 Reasons Why I Don’t Want to Be fat “I’d like to be hit on”.  If this is the form that will take and this is the result of my current size, they will be seeing a lot more of me as I have much weight to put back on.