Eventual Haircut

Since September, I’ve been getting my hair cut monthly or so rather than doing it myself every few weeks with a quarterly touch up from a barber.  Normally, I walk in to The Three Barbers on Bridgetown Pike, get John, ask for a Caesar cut, avoid chit-chat as I just want my damn haircut, and pay $15.00 for a cut and tip.  Today was different:

John: *begins prepping me for a haircut* You’ve come in recently, haven’t you?
Me: Yeah, probably around Thanksgiving.
John: That’s more often than normal for you.  Don’t you do something with computers?
Me: Not really, I do R&D work with medical devices.  I use computers but I wouldn’t call it computer work.
John: *Raises scissors to my head* So you probably couldn’t explain the difference between LCD and plasma TVs.
Me: I can.
John: *lowers scissors* Go on.

John asked me probably four or five technology questions and each time I gave the answer he just held his comb and scissors and listened intently for my response.  When we went to ask the next one, I cracked.

John: Can I ask you another computer question?
Me: Sure, but first let’s make a deal.
John: What’s that?
Me: How about in exchange for me answering, you cut my damn hair.
John: *looks at scissors that he’d been holding up for about 10 minutes* Ok.