Receding Difficulty

I went ice skating during my lunch break and listened to an audiobook for the 90 minutes I was there.  I attempted to do a few practice drills that Carl and Everett had showed me to mediocre success but otherwise worked up a sweat going around in circles.  When my time was done, I returned my skates and walked back to my car and smiled.  Ice skating will probably never be hard again.

Not to say that skating doesn’t hold legion challenges ahead for me.  It does, but the simple act of standing on skates and moving forward at a reasonable rate will never be a mystery box of physical coordination as it once was.  The difficulty will continually diminish barring injury or illness.  I like that.  I’ve been spending a lot of time with Objective-C and multi-variate calculus, two cases where there seems to be no permanence to retention as I am now remembering the rules of tabular integration for the fifth time.