Affecting the Senses

My body has changed over the last 18 months.  I’ve shrunk, but legion other changes have happened as well, for instance:

  • For a brief period of time sweat from some parts of me had a vague peach scent
  • The distribution of hair on my chest has changed such there is a much more distinct center line
  • I get acne on the back of my neck due to pore blockage from sweat if I don’t stay mindful of it
  • It takes longer to shave as my face is less round and uniform

There are other ones as well that I can’t mention in mixed company but today I noted a disturbing trend, when I pass wind it sounds like someone choking a duck.  No longer do I thunderous flatus with the full-bodied timber reminiscent of a Viking.  Now it is a shadow of former self, all destroyed by months of doing seemingly innocuous glut lifts.