Ice Planting

Randy, Kelly, Kacey, and I went ice skating at Grundy Arena in Bristol this afternoon.  The rink was poorly attended having less than a half dozen other skaters but with the caveat that the skate shop only had figure skates available for rent.  I put on my size 13 foot shivs and ventured out to the ice.  Things were going well at first until Kacey and Kelly and Randy and I paired off.  The ladies continued at the same speed and chatted while Randy and I lubricated our skates with testosterone and started speeding up.   I was going along well until I heard a grating noise and found myself face first on the ice.  I learned two things in this moment:

1) If I don’t bring down my foot correctly, the toe pick catches the ice and I fall.
2) Falling face forward is almost fun compared to the pain of ass planting.

Randy did something similar during his next lap and for the next hour we took turns face planting and yelling “fucking toe pick”.  My favorite such exchange was me falling while trying to emulate the skating style of someone and Randy then falling when laughing at me.