Sriracha Divide

One a month I try to make something totally new for my coworkers.  Today, I made peanut butter sriracha cookies that were met with mixed results.  Some people liked them, some people didn’t and I saw an obvious divide that none of my other coworkers did:

Coworker: Some people seem to really like your cookies.
Me: Yeah.
Coworker: But not everyone.  Farhad, Venkatesh, and Priya really liked your cookies, but Carl, Everett, and I didn’t.  Strange.
Me: No, not in the least.
Coworker: Really?
Me: You can find no commonality between the three that liked it versus. the three that didn’t?
Coworker: They’re all in marketing?

Yep, that’s it.  The fact that most of the likers from from the Indian subcontinent was completely secondary.