TI: St. Louis – Sunday

Who We Are

No one died.

After Thought:

We know each other because of video games but after that we are unavoidably people.  Some people were there for friendship, some were there for escape, some were there for romance and I’m not sure entirely why I was there.  Not to say I didn’t enjoy myself or didn’t want to be there but to a certain extent I felt like my presence was right.  Team Interrobang is something I helped found and I would have a hand in its social life for as long as I could manage.  One of my core values is to promote human connection.  It doesn’t take a lot for me to feel alone and part of me thinks that if I create a social group large enough that feeling will simply disappear.  Either I haven’t or it doesn’t but other people are ultimately the source of all my avenues to happiness.  This is something that I don’t believe I can re-tune in the same way I won’t be able to convince my lungs to work on methane so I will continue to hold out my hand and say “may we have an adventure?” to those in my life.  Chad, Alex, Ryan, Ken, Suzie, Dallas, Cody, Ty, Mike, Steve, Rachael, Chris, Ben, John, Audrey, Marcus, and Peter took that hand and for that my life is richer.