Me: Do you mind if I just take a roll?
Cashier: Rolls are free with food.
Me: But I’m not buying anything else.
Cashier: Buy something else then.
Me: How about saying it came with the breakfast I had this morning?
Cashier: But you’re not buying breakfast now.
Me: Well, I’m here to pick up the roll I forgot from breakfast.
Cashier: Breakfast doesn’t come with rolls.
Me: Then how much is just a roll?
Cashier: 50 cents.
Me: No.
Cashier: 25 cents.
Me: Fine. *pulls out a quarter, the amount I had planned on paying if it came to this*
Cashier: Alright, 25 cent roll *hits register buttons* that’ll be 27 cents.
Me: *holding quarter* Nothing is ever simple is it? *Hands cashier a 20*

I now have enough change for 74 more rolls…