Second 10 Miles

My first attempt at running 10 miles was sweaty and involved me walking for a stretch.  Today, I was going to try running the whole distance aided by my secret weapon of The Walking Dead.  The show had recovered from the mid-season doldrums and things were again happening and at a pace where they’d probably distract me from foot pain and side stitches so I saved the episode for the last five miles of my run.  I hopped on the treadmill and began at a pace of about six miles per hour up a two degree incline and listened to This Week in Tech.  After each 2.5 miles, I dropped the incline a degree and eventually slowed down the treadmill to a little below 6 MPH.  The fast-pace of The Walking Dead season finale allowed me to ignore my environment and when the bodies had finished falling, I hit the “STOP” button on my treadmill.  I looked down and saw that both of my shoes had become untied.  Not just a little untied but “three year-old waiting for mommy” untied.  My food foot was being held in by the swelling of my feet and the increased friction brought about by the pool of sweat that had soaked my shoes and socks and pruned my feet.

Well done, Mr. Darabont.