She Yours?

Suzie and I wanted to meet Mike and Kacey in Orlando for dinner but the roads were moving slower than we wished so where I could I drove quickly.  About 110 miles out, I was pulled over for speeding.

Officer: Why were you going so fast?
Me: We’re trying to make a friend’s Masters dissertation in Orlando this evening.
Officer: Where are you from?
Me: PA.
Officer: And you’re driving?
Me: Yes.
Officer: *pause* *returns to police car* *returns to my car* Sir, please get out of the car.
*We walk to behind my car*
Officer: She yours?
Me: Mine?
Officer: Yours.
Me: Sure?
Officer: Ok, please drive slower.  You want to make it to Florida in one piece.

We made Orlando in time to take a night time tour of a cemetery.  The guide mentioned that it was the only cemetery in Orlando County and then did so again every five sentences.  The tour ended, thankfully, and we returned to the hotel for a proper night’s rest.